Not a Review: TOM JONES

Tom Jones — ★★★☆

Before I got busy in the last few days, and my blog briefly became inaccessible for reasons unknown to me, causing me to miss a day of posting, I watched a new-to-me Best Picture winner: the English sex comedy/costume farce Tom Jones (1963), starring Albert Finney.

It was occasionally interesting visually and had a hilarious supporting “performance” from an actually-drunk Hugh Griffith. The repeated fourth-wall breaking was funny, and so spread out that I kept forgetting it was that kind of movie. The story, adapted from an 18th-century picaresque novel, was goofy, but I was impressed that the movie managed to be winking without also being half-hearted in execution. Tom’s misadventures are presented fairly straight, but with a dry, “How do you like that?” nonchalance. It’s very English, and I like things that are very English. Though I liked it, on Flickchart I ranked it 51st out of the 68 Best Picture winners I’ve seen. Some reranks would probably put it in the mid to low 40s.

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