Contributed to a Favorite Best Picture post on Flickchart

I happen to have the same favorite Best Picture winner as the American Film Institute AND the weighted majority of Flickcharters. I wrote about it for our Best of the Best Picture piece, which you can see here:

Vote in the 5th Annual Flickcharters’ Choice Awards

I was a nominator, but only one of dozens. I helped get Jurassic World on the Worst Of shortlist, but I couldn’t get any of the prestige dramas on the Best Picture list. Check it out and vote as best you can by following the link at the bottom:

Flickchart post about new Oscars categories

I contributed to this piece on Oscars categories we wish existed. If the length of the broadcast could accommodate them, that is.

Would adding these categories improve the Oscars, or just make a long show longer?

Posted by Flickchart on Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Write for Flickchart

My outlet, Flickchart, occasionally puts out calls for new bloggers. We put one up today on the official Facebook page. If you’re writing about movies for free already, like I was before I joined the Flickchart staff, why not do it for a bit of money instead? No matter what kind of movies you’re into (and our bloggers cover a wide range), the contributions of good writers are always welcome. Be sure to create a Flickchart account first and fill it out a bit if you haven’t already.

Are you obsessed with movies? Are you a long-time Flickchart user? Do you want to get paid to write about film? Get in…

Posted by Flickchart on Tuesday, February 2, 2016