Two Dean Martin Westerns

Frank Sinatra cracked of Dean Martin’s drinking habits, “He’s been stoned more often than United States embassies.”

Rio Bravo — ★★★☆

4 for Texas — ★★★★

I watched two Dean Martin Westerns recently, Rio Bravo (1959) and 4 For Texas (1963). There may be a Flickchart Reel Rumble in those, so I won’t say much here, but I prefer 4 for Texas for one good reason: Frank Sinatra. And one even better reason: Ursula Andress. I’ve been on a bit of an Andress kick lately, watching the 1967 Casino Royale the other week and seeing Dr. No on the big screen at Austin’s Paramount Theater last summer. There may be a Flickchart article in her, too, so that’s all for now!