Promoting myself and then somebody else

One of my movie reviews from the Austin Film Festival was excerpted on another site. Look at the top of this page for a line attributed to Flickchart — that’s me!

More importantly, fans of England, cats, rural walks, and melancholy should check out the best blog I don’t write for, Tom is a modern-day James Harriot, or a self-aware Karl Pilkington. Late last year he quit his newspaper job and is making a go of it as a book-writer and blogger. The way he writes about mornings makes me, a hardened night owl, want to turn in at 7PM so I can experience them, too. Tom finds new things to say about cats, one of the most written-about animals on the internet or anywhere, and tracks the habits of the squirrels, badgers, sheep, and rabbits that populate his corner of southwestern England, which is quite a large corner to judge from the number of distinct 10-mile walks he’s taken across the moors and along the coasts. I donate to the site and follow all of his Twitter accounts (most of his cats have their own.) Anywhere is a good place to start, but I especially enjoyed this entry.

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