Picked up my SXSW badge (and RIP 007 production designer Ken Adam)

Today I got my press badge for the 2016 SXSW film festival. I must admit, I’m not overwhelmed by the swag — the best part of it is the bag it came in! There really isn’t any swag except a coupon for a free drink. By contrast, I got plenty of stuff at Austin Film Festival last year.

Oh well. Hopefully the movies will compensate.

In other news, Ken Adam died at the age of 95. He did the set design for the early James Bond films. They were low-ceiling, wide, shiny, modern affairs. Some of my favorites are in Thunderball. He did the war room in Dr. Strangelove, too, which has the same cavernous, minimalist, yet hi-tech aesthetic as some of the great Bond hideouts and control centers. A simple Google Image search for “Ken Adam sets” provides a good overview. Click here.

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