Paramount Summer Classic Film Series is starting this week!

I’ve had a lot of good experiences at the Paramount Summer Classic Film Series here in Austin, Texas. My first viewing of Woody Allen’s Sleeper was there, and it cemented my nascent Allen fandom. My fourth or fifth viewing of Lawrence of Arabia was there, but on 70mm film. I’ve seen great movies I might not have seen otherwise, like The Late Show, and thanks to double features I’ve made connections I might not have made otherwise, like between Pan’s Labyrinth and The Spirit of the Beehive.

The Paramount is a beautiful old theater that’s in fairly good repair, though it needs new seats. They recently restored their long-lost blade, the light-up vertical sign attached to the facade, and I was there for the lighting ceremony last year. The film prints they screen are often not in the best condition, and I’ve sat through a number of focusing problems. But for a film buff, occasional misses are well worth the hits, and I’m glad Austin offers so many opportunities to see classic movies the way they were meant to be seen.

This summer’s Paramount Classic Film Series opens with a Casablanca/Maltese Falcon doubleheader followed by a Citizen Kane/Third Man doubleheader. I plan to go to both of those screenings, as I love all four of the movies but have yet to see any on the big screen.

The full schedule is here, if you’re curious.

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