Nothing but 3-hour+ movies in 2016

The first movie I saw in this young year was the 70-mm presentation of The Hateful Eight, which ran 187 minutes. I liked the Western first half, but the grindhouse second half is silly and rapidly fritters away the emotional, intellectual, and aesthetic interest earned before intermission.

Then I watched Masaki Kobayashi’s beautiful anthology Kwaidan, which is free on Hulu this week. Three hours and five minutes. From the impressionistic backgrounds to the Confucian morality of the four Japanese ghost stories it tells, every second is a treasure.

Today I picked up my copy of John Woo’s Red Cliff from the library — Parts One and Two total 288 minutes, nearly five hours. I can’t wait, though I prefer my historical epics to be more than “50% factual,” Woo’s estimate for this duology.

How long can I keep this long movie streak going?

3 thoughts on “Nothing but 3-hour+ movies in 2016”

  1. The first movie I watched in 2016 was over 3 hours: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But then I immediately followed it up with Finding Nemo so my streak was only 1 🙂

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