For the 75th Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, a post on 10 great and largely-accurate WWII movies

I love these films, and they also happen to be pretty accurate depictions of how the war was fought and won (or lost, depending on your perspective). Looking back on 75 years since America’s entry into the conflict, here are ten movies from Japan, England, America, Germany, and the Soviet Union that cover World War II with an eye to both artistry and historical detail.

A History of World War II in 10 Movies

Picked up my SXSW badge (and RIP 007 production designer Ken Adam)

Today I got my press badge for the 2016 SXSW film festival. I must admit, I’m not overwhelmed by the swag — the best part of it is the bag it came in! There really isn’t any swag except a coupon for a free drink. By contrast, I got plenty of stuff at Austin Film Festival last year.

Oh well. Hopefully the movies will compensate.

In other news, Ken Adam died at the age of 95. He did the set design for the early James Bond films. They were low-ceiling, wide, shiny, modern affairs. Some of my favorites are in Thunderball. He did the war room in Dr. Strangelove, too, which has the same cavernous, minimalist, yet hi-tech aesthetic as some of the great Bond hideouts and control centers. A simple Google Image search for “Ken Adam sets” provides a good overview. Click here.

An unusually relevant Reel Rumble, and today’s news

I’d like to do more Reel Rumble pieces for Flickchart that feature two current movies. It’s a good way of putting our own spin on reviews. The problem is that I’d have to see more new movies, and I prefer watching older ones. But perhaps in 2016 I’ll make an effort to do a few more like this.

The Hateful Eight vs The Revenant

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In Memorium: David Bowie

Here is our Flickchart piece on the passing of David Bowie:

I’ve seen Labyrinth several times because it’s one of Karen’s favorite movies, so I knew I wanted to write about it. Rewatching (or re-listening to) the David Bowie portions of the movie on YouTube was fun. Here’s a playlist:

Outside of film, some of my favorite David Bowie-related moments are the Flight of the Conchords scenes with Jemaine disguised as the ghosts of earlier David Bowies. Those are here (this video has embedding turned off):