An unusually relevant Reel Rumble, and today’s news

I’d like to do more Reel Rumble pieces for Flickchart that feature two current movies. It’s a good way of putting our own spin on reviews. The problem is that I’d have to see more new movies, and I prefer watching older ones. But perhaps in 2016 I’ll make an effort to do a few more like this.

The Hateful Eight vs The Revenant

We don’t do star ratings on Flickchart, but I like them, so here they are:

The Hateful Eight — ★★★☆

The Revenant — ★★★★

In other news, Alan Rickman passed away. I expect a Flickchart In Memorium for him, perhaps tomorrow. I certainly didn’t want to do two of those in one week.

In other other news, the Oscar nominations are out. I already gave my personal picks here, but soon I’ll give my official predictions as well as my preferences among the actual nominees.

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